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Application industry
Application industry
QIXIN provides solutions for the needs of different industries, including parylene coating powders for photovoltaic, electronic products,
and new energy vehicle motors, biopharmaceutical intermediates, cosmetic raw materials, pesticide intermediates, etc
Company profile
Shanghai QIXIN New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2016, is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and sales of high-end new materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and reagents, pesticide intermediates, cosmetic raw materials, and research and development process optimization.

QIXIN is committed to excellent scientific research and introduces highly skilled R&D experts, continuously improving the overall strength of R&D.

As of now, QIXIN has several professional R&D project teams, including doctoral, master's, and postdoctoral students with over 20 years of industry experience; And we have established long-term cooperation with Well-known universities in China to provide customers with better products and services, while continuously introducing more outstanding talents to maintain innovative vitality in our research and development team. Strong technical support, continuous launch of new products, and strict product quality provide excellent guarantees for customer applications and services.

In addition, QIXIN has a factory base with independent property rights. Based on excellent research and production equipment, well-trained and experienced employees, and systematic data management, we can ensure reliable product quality and scalable production capacity.


R&D laboratory


R&D laboratory


QIXIN New Materials
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Industry experience
Industry experience

QIXIN is a high-tech company focusing on high-end products and markets. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have deep expertise in our field and a proven track record of success.

Professional R&D team
Professional R&D team

QIXIN attaches great importance to innovation and talent cultivation. Our R&D team is of paramount importance to us, including over 20 Doctors, Masters and Post Doctorates , and we pay great attention to ensuring that we have the best people working on developing cutting-edge products and solutions.

Reliable quality
Reliable quality

QIXIN is committed to Quality First Philosophy and to finding cost-effective ways to deliver win-win outcomes for both our clients and our business. Our products are well recognized as reliable in the market and we strive to maintain that high level of quality while ensuring that we are a good, sustainable investment for our customers.


QIXIN production capacity is well guaranteed. We are extremely efficient at getting products to market quickly. This is due to our ownership of factory bases with our independent property rights, meaning that we have total control over the production process and can ensure timely delivery.

Overall, QIXIN offers a unique combination of expertise, innovation, quality, and production capacity that make us a stand-out choice for anyone looking for high-end technology solutions of New Materials, Medical intermediates and reagents, Pesticides intermediates and Cosmetics raw materials.

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Shanghai QIXIN New Materials Technology Co., Ltd

Contact:Mr. Huang

Mob: +86 151 1623 5351

Address:Room J317, Building 2, No. 3131 Jinshajiang Road, Zhenxin Street, Jiading District, Shanghai, China

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